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My Body Transformation

It’s crazy, unprecedented times we are living in at the moment, and without any real plan of when things may start to resemble some form of reality again.

As most of you are aware we have had to close our gym down twice, which has left us having to create new ways to engage with our clients.

Sure it’s been a difficult time as it has been for most of you but we can either choose to do nothing or choose to do something. So I have been using my time in ISO to keep going on my fitness journey and just finished my latest 12 week program. I would have to say that I have been doing this for quite awhile now and this last 12 weeks has made me really identify certain things that have been holding me back from getting to the next level in my transformation, but I can say that at 43 I’m the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been.

Yes the last 12 weeks has given me challenges, I have had days where I couldn’t be bothered, Ive felt tired, all the usual excuses etc, I haven’t been 100% with my food. But one thing I have consistently done is make a scheduled plan every week of my FIRE & ICE days and my meal prep days and I have also had a clear goal that I have wanted to achieve with every program.

Even with a great plan we still have days where we can’t be stuffed but if we have a clear goal in our minds or a blackmail those can’t be bothered days happen less, as we have something to work towards.

* Is there a dress or bathing suit that you have always wanted to wear and really feel confident and fantastic wearing.

* Do you go to the park or even go walking or take the kids for a bike ride and you don’t quite have the energy to keep going or keep up.

* or do you just want to increase your lean muscle mass and have some nice muscle definition.

Introducing our new Online Body Transformation Program.

We had been planning on rolling this out later on in the year, but as we can’t do any face to face training anymore other than our online ICE group, we have decided to start our online Transformation program now.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to message me or send through an email.

Don’t let being in isolation stop you from achieving being in the best shape of your life.

To your Health and Fitness 😀💪🏋️‍♂️💪😀

Picture on left is August 2020, picture on right is from February 2020.

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