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Fat Loss Tip #4 High protein intake keeps the weight off

Updated: May 6, 2021

A new study has assessed the long term effects of a high protein diet on weight loss.

The study was conducted on 49overweight participants following a very low calorie diet for 6 weeks to promote rapid weight loss. The participants were then placed on a maintenance diet for another 12 weeks.

Those placed on the high protein diet( double the recommended intake) got at least 35% of their daily calories from protein. Another group was placed on a diet that contained the same calories but much lower percentage of protein.

Results showed that the group who followed the high protein kept off all the body fat that they lost in the first 6 weeks, whereas the high-carb group gained a significant proportion of their weight back.

The high protein diets were based on dairy proteins. High quality dairy protein supplements can boost the protein content of the diet without adding empty calories. A high percentage of protein in the diet will satisfy hunger more effectively and not only help you get lean, it will help you stay lean.

Stay tuned for Tip #5.

To your health and fitness

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