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Group Fitness 


Intense Cardio Exercise


Burn Fat While You Sleep


Group Fitness Classes for All Fitness Levels

Great fun Fitness and social atmosphere.

all levels of fitness and ability encouraged.

group training to help encourage motivate and support each other.


This will increase your ability to burn fat long after you have completed your class.

Each session will leave you feeling completely rewarded and full of energy.

Scientifically struchere are two types of cardio and obviously, both burn energy.

Fitness = efficiency (More time, less intense)

Fat loss = inefficiency (Less time, more intense)

Fat loss (inefficiency) 

Effective cardio for fat loss will disrupt homeostasis meaning, the oxygen coming into the body= oxygen you need for that environment/activity. It is the balance - your aim is to disrupt this balance. Your cardio needs to be inefficient, so you challenge your body with using the different energy systems whilst still carrying out the required work.

Our bodies will automatically pick a predominant energy system during the activities we carry out.


Example: a marathon runner will use over 90% of the aerobic system to carry out this activity.


Switching to a predominant energy system takes energy in itself, and this is what elevates your metabolism and disrupting homeostasis actually is.

Fitness Training (efficiency)

Once you have carried out an activity like running or cycling for a few weeks, you become efficient at it (you get better at it).


As you get fitter there is less of a disruption to homeostasis and the body is not challenged to change the energy systems, it is getting enough oxygen to perform the activity. So, you are not burning as much energy and you sit in a comfortable state.


The mistake people make is they go longer at the activity they are good at. This is all well and good if you are training for an Ironman or marathon.


The most common one is double fitness classes. Instead of going 💯 in one class, people save themselves to complete 2 or even 3 in one night. 

If you are trying to improve your body composition (more muscle, less fat) then the following needs to occur:

  • Resistance Training- progressive lifting over a training block.

  • Food! Suitable energy requirements- Yes! You must match your calories to your activity. Again, progressively adding calories. The more energy you have, the more you lift

  • A small amount of cardio programmed to optimize fat loss. It is not used as a trade-off for poor food habits. You do not burn as many calories as your fitness app or device tells you. 10kcal a minute max!

  • Adequate recovery to improve the program.

Intensity and performance week after week.


If you must do heaps of cardio to stay lean, then your diet sucks...


....and if you are doing heaps of cardio and still not losing fat then you’re really stuffing it up. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Great fun Fitness and social atmosphere.

all levels of fitness and ability encouraged.

group training to help encourage motivate and support each other.