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Focused Intense Resistance Exercise


The Body Shaper


Strength Training for Serious Results



Strength Training for Serious Results.

As we age, we lose the motor units we do not use. It is important that you program your weight training to take you through all rep ranges.


Low or light loads only recruit low threshold muscle fibers. The larger the load increases so does the recruitment of more motor units (muscle fibers).


Only progressive heavy loads will provide the potential to recruit all muscle fibers. In particular, type 2 muscle fibers. Type 2 fibers are the ones that grow and respond best in terms of strength and hypertrophy.


It is important to understand that unless an individual taps into these muscle fibers (through lifting heavy weights) they will not tap into muscle fibers responsible for improving body shape.


People often confuse muscle fatigue and overload. They mistakenly assume that more reps with lighter load will provide the same stimulus as using heavy loads. It does not.


Understand, a sedentary human being can carry out any type of training to create a fat loss and body shape improvement. We call this the honeymoon period.


But as soon as you become a “seasoned” more experienced weight trainer you need to ensure you have the overload principle in your training.


People waste all their energy (and time) on circuit training, body pump, and the like. To a seasoned weight trainer, this is not strength training. It can still be part of the plan if it is programmed properly but it is only one piece of the training jigsaw.


These training styles do not tap into those type 2 muscle fibers, they are not recruiting anymore motor units. No matter how many reps or how much it burns.


Heavier loads = more muscle = progressive body shape change.


F.I.R.E. Training is a specific periodized program. It is also a key ingredient to the fountain of youth!!

F.I.R.E. Focused Intense Resistance Exercise

Consistantly delivers rapid bodyshape improvements