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About Us

Total Fitness for Life

Creating a Stronger Fitter You.

Are you sick and tired of wasting money on gym memberships that you never use? Do you feel left on your own with no direction, no motivation, no inspiration surrounded by lots of people left to do their thing at the gym?


Are you getting the results you want? Do you have the body that you’ve always wanted?


At Total Fitness for Life, we don’t just see you as a member, we want you to be apart of our amazing gym community. We are a results-based gym, wanting our clients to be the best version of themselves possible. We create a fun and motivating atmosphere providing workouts that are designed to burn the most amount of calories and shed the most amount of fat in the shortest amount of time.


We will teach you:

  • The latest research on exercise and fat loss

  • Show you how to burn up to 3 times as much fat compared to regular cardio exercise

  • To train as a group and to encourage, motivate and support.


We provide a Great fitness-oriented social atmosphere and all fitness levels are welcome.

So why not be apart of our community today and try a FREE 7-DAY I.C.E PASS.