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Find Your Strength

Body Transformation Specialist

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​Do you currently have a plan or process to achieve your ideal body shape goal?

Thinking about the next 12 months where would you want to be in regards to your body shape goal?

How would things be different for you and the other areas of your life if you could achieve this results?

At TFFL our area of expertise is helping our clients get into the best body shape of their lives permanently by using a proven health and fitness system plus accountability.

At TFFL we  typically work with those who have hit a crossroad in their life and are ready to commit to change, and with this commitment we are able to get them the body shape they have always dreamed of.


Now Answer This?

What is stopping you achieving all of this on your own?


Fiona S.

The Support & Expertise from Naomi & Dean is amazing. The F.I.R.E. & I.C.E Program has given me the strength and motivation to face anything. My fitness in just 3 weeks is the best it has been in years!!


Paula P.

Difficult to say in one sentence as TFFL had had such a huge impact on my life…. I not only feel better physically but my mental health and the way I can deal with stress is just so much better!! Thank-You Naomi, Dean & Caitlyn – you are amazing!”


Jodi R.

I have been doing F.I.R.E. for over 10 months, it has changed my habits, body shape and strength. Naomi & Dean are committed to making sure we do things accurate and are juts wonderful with their encouragement

Complete Body Transformations


We typically work with those that have hit a crossroad in thier life and are ready and willing to make a complete change.

We are with you every step of the way refining every detail until you create your result.

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The Body Shaper

Strength Training for Serious Results

Research based training program


rapid inmprovements in bodyshape


  • Burn Calories While You Sleep !!

  • Group Training for encouragement motivation and support

  • Fun Fitness social atmosphere

  • Latest research in exercise and fat loss

  • sessions designed to create a result


Contact US

Total Fitness For Life, 204/206 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood North VIC 3134, Australia

[email protected]  |  Tel: 0417762262

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Total Fitness For Life, 204/206 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood North VIC 3134, Australia

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